The root of many diseases. These days almost every person suffers depression . It does not matter who you are either  male or female, rich or poor , child / teen or adult you may be suffering from ‘Depression’.

why a person feels depression ??? 
It may be due to

  • no happiness in life ,
  • death of dear one
  • loss in business
  • Break up

or anything that you never want to face in your life or even have expected to be happen.
When situations become undesirable you begin to fall in ocean of depression.  you feel its the end of life.

But tell me- do life stops really??? do earth stops rotating ?? do sun stop rising ??? do nature get stop by anything ??

Then why we give up our hope when situation becomes undesirable??? why we try to attempt sucide or just want to run away ???

Life is too small to live in ocean of depression. one needs to come out and feel the beauty of life and try again to achieve better, to change the situations and to change the life.

But you can’t come alone, out of it. You  will need your family, faith in god and hope of good .
Only then you will survive happily.

“come out of the darkness of depression and start shining”


10 thoughts on “DEPRESSION!!!”

  1. I myself suffer with depression and this gave me kind of a push to not give up and to understand depression is common and we can’t give up and we have to seek help and it takes a village to get “better”. Thanks for the read!

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