The word which scares to lot of students. Hardly any student love this word, because it comes with a lot tention, pressure & fear of failure.
After such negative things why exams are conducted????? – This questions always come in minds of students.

The answer is simple ” To examine your knowledge and skills that you have learned”, exams are to develop a student.

just think you are learning and not attempting any exam, then how will you come to know what level of knowledge you posses. Its exam who helps you to examine yourself.

so why students get scared of exams?????
Whats the reason behind it ????
Its lack of confidence, expectation and not doing hard work which makes them scare of exams .

Now what to do ??? The solution is Self Confidence and Hard work.      Both are the key of successPerson who do not believe himself can’t achieve success.

A student with full of confidence and hard work can clear any exam, as it arouses the positive feelings, which helps to cope with their negative thoughts of failure.

At last students should be afraid of any exam as it teaches how to face problems in life .


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